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ProCare Funding for medical liens aims to alleviate your stress and

overcome any potential challenges related to treating your patients.

ProCare Funding for Medical Liens

Medical Liens

What is ProCare?

ProCare is an experienced medical-lien funding group that provides financial solutions for medical providers treating personal injury patients.

What We Do.

ProCare mitigates the financial uncertainty regarding personal injury cases by contracting with your practice with fair rates and terms you can count on.

Why Choose Us?

We offer fast payments, competitive rates, new or additional revenue streams, concierge-level service, and a high potential for increased patient volume.

“A Patient's Treatment Can't Be Put on Hold.”

– ProCare Funding

When you work with ProCare, we assume all the financial risk associated with personal injury patients; you will receive payment quickly, and can focus your energy on treating the patient.

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